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About Jerry Liu


Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, Jerry is currently a Junior at New York University studying Film & TV Production with a minor in The Business of Entertainment, Media and Technology.

Jerry's love for visual stories has drawn him into the world of film and photography, where he hopes to make his future career.

Jerry's projects span across diverse mediums, from portrait photography to narrative filmmaking. He is always striving to further extend his knowledge and skills in the world of creativity. When he is not filming or taking photos, he likes to sail, golf, and ski. Jerry is also a big enthusiast of mechanical watches and fountain pens.

Jerry is available for both local and international projects. Portrait shoots start at $200.00 per session and videography start at $600.00 per day.

Additional fees (subject to approval before being applied) may be applicable for non-standard equipment, additional staff, extended travel, and/or other extraordinary expenses. 

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